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DOOBIETOKEN Link (DOOBIE) Presale, Staking and Farm Info

Trade DOOBIE'S on DxSale.App and DOOBIESWAP - the new laid-back decentralized crypto exchange, swap, staking and farming platform for smokin doobies and major crypto action!  Doobieswap is going to be the biggest marijuana exchange and doobie swap in the entire world.

Burning and Token Doobie's and Doobie Tokens are the most laid back new deflationary way to help the grassroots cause by burning doobies and shrinking the remaining pool, so the remaining pool goes up in value according to supply and demand, giving you the best crypto high and reflection of them all!  To The Green Moon!  More info/pre-sale/dxsale coming soon!

Easy Tokenomics 420 Billion Tokens, 4% Reflection, 2% Charity Burn.Events, 4% Liquidity Pool

Official Address (Symbol: DOOBIE): 0x6d5b90272d430a3dec24bc8beb519c3b72066bf5

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